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Re: Rebuild openldap so all modules/overlays are separate

Chris Jacobs wrote:
Main question:
how to build openldap with all overlays as dynamically loaded modules (ie: optional).

These problems have been covered before, recently even.  I'm trying to get Solaris 9/10 clients talking to openldap server.
I can do getent passwd<user>  but getent passwd or getent group or even ldaplist all fail.

I haven't had any success with Benjamin's acl fix/work around, or configuring the overlay for sssvlv in slapd.conf.

So, I thought I'd recompile openldap - without sssvlv support, but then I thought why have to do this again in the future if I find another incompatibility?  I'd prefer to simply have all overlays/modules as separate loadable modules.

When I compiled OpenLDAP, I configured it with:
./configure --with-tls=openssl \
             --enable-crypt \
             --enable-dynamic \
             --enable-ldap \
             --enable-lmpasswd \
             --enable-modules \
             --enable-overlays \
             --enable-spasswd \

The enable-overlays option builds in a number of overlays I use and am interested in using in the future - however, it also enables sss/vlv.

I supposed I could try to build it again with that option followed by --disable-sssvlv but what I'd really prefer is a way to build openldap with the overlays as separate modules that I can load/unload when/as I need them.

I've searched the documentation, but I can't figure out how.  It's quite likely I haven't looked in the right spot.  I'm currently trying to make my way through the configure script...  Blech.

Thanks for any pointers,

configure --help

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