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ldap crashing once under load

hello, I just recently migrated an exsiting app that uses an LDAP server on z/OS with no issues, to a SLES 11.1 server on a z10 processor using OpenLdap, and get the following error.
Nov 30 23:15:50 adczlnxldapp1 slapd[15854]: slapd starting
Nov 30 23:25:39 adczlnxldapp1 slapd[15854]: ch_malloc of 16777216 bytes failed
I have at least 1gb memory assigned to the linux instance.  Is there something I can do to correct this.  I have temporarily pointed the app to use the z/OS LDAP server and all is fine....Our intent is to completely move this to zLinux and get off the z/OS LDAP server.
Steve Francis
Technical Advisor - zSeries, zLinux, z/OS
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