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Re: syncrepl with accesslog not replicating

Hi Quanah,

On Mon, Nov 29, 2010 at 10:38:16AM -0800, Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
> --On Monday, November 29, 2010 6:31 PM +0100 Dieter Klünter
> <dieter@dkluenter.de> wrote:
> >Hi,
> >I am facing a problem with OpenLDAP-2.4.23. That is I am trying to setup
> >a delta replication based on accesslog. Although the accesslog database
> >contains new entries and the log database is successfully read, no
> >replication ever takes place, while a setup without accesslog replicates
> >successfully. An excerpt from the systemlogs:
> delta-sync replication works great for me with 2.4.23.  I would
> suggest you define fewer things in your replica configuration.  In
> specific, I would drop:
> logfilter
> syncdata
> scope
After removing this paramaters, replication took place:

slapd[19170]: conn=3853 op=15 ADD dn="cn=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
slapd[19170]: slap_queue_csn: queing 0xb0b5789e 20101129201509.698643Z#000000#000#000000
slapd[19170]: syncprov_sendresp: cookie=rid=042,csn=20101129201509.698643Z#000000#000#000000
slapd[19170]: slap_queue_csn: queing 0xb0657370 20101129201509.698643Z#000000#000#000000
slapd[19170]: slap_graduate_commit_csn: removing 0xb7b024e0 20101129201509.698643Z#000000#000#000000

but I'm not sure, whether the consumer had read the accesslog database and replicated based on this 
information, because no access to cn=log has been logged.


Dieter Kl�| Systemberatung
sip: 7770535@sipgate.de 

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