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Re: how to compile recent openldap on Centos 5.5

Am 23.11.10 15:05, schrieb Aaron Richton:
> On Tue, 23 Nov 2010, Götz Reinicke - IT-Koordinator wrote:
>> I tried to compile the Release 2.4.23  of openldap on my centos 5.5
>> server.
> [...]
>> configure: error: BerkeleyDB version incompatible with BDB/HDB backends
> [...]
>> db4-4.3.29-10.el5_5.2
> [...]
>> What may I do wrong? Any sugesstions?
> RHEL/CentOS db4-4.3 has proven unreliable for use with OpenLDAP
> Software. You will have to use a version of BerkeleyDB that is not
> provided by those vendors. One option is of course to roll your own
> packages. However, many RHEL/CentOS users on the list base off of Buchan
> Milne's RPMs. There is some (occasionally hard-learned) institutional
> knowledge in his build process that you would likely benefit from. You
> can find references/links to these in the
> openldap-technical/openldap-software list archives.

Thanks for your comment. It looks indeed somehow difficult to get an
current version installed. I'll continue trying to find a solution.

Thanks and regards . Götz
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