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Re: memberof overlay 2.4.08

Hi again,

Marc Patermann schrieb am 26.11.2010 11:36 Uhr:
Pierangelo Masarati schrieb am 25.03.2008 18:52 Uhr:
LALOT Dominique wrote:
I'm testing memberof overlay and I'd like to get it working properly for a database migration

My tests showed me that's it's working when adding members in groups, but for an initial loading, it does not work.
This still seams to be true.

I tested slapadd -q or slapadd without success. Could you tell us,
or write something in the documentation to explain, the right way
for an initial loading.
Currently, there is no solution besides writing a script that populates the memberOf attribute in the LDIF file.

When we will be in production, I imagine that sometimes, we can get out of sync between members and memberof. What can we do in such case.
It should not happen.
I have a lot of syncrepl consumers. For disaster recovery these are
repopulated with slapadd and a recent provider dump.
With overlay memberof this would not work any more, because the memberOf references are lost on this consumer until the "member" object changes, right?
As I found out, the memberOf attributes are 'slapcat'ed, too. So
a) I have to enable overlay memberof on the master too or
b) I have to take the dump from another slave/consumer to restore.

This seams manageable.

Sorry for the noise.