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Re: Setting up primary/secondary LDAP servers with TLS/SSL enabled

> I have to use self-signed SSL certificates, since the servers are located in
> intranet, they have no 'real' domain names.

Names in certificates used in connection do not need to take a part in
"authentication". Study the difference between authentication and 

> The problem is I can't figure out how to specify ldap.conf SSL parameters so
> that they could
> - verify LDAP server certificate
> - be used with both primary and secondary LDAP servers
> Also, I'd prefer to use TLS - how do I run slapd so that it provided TLS-aware
> connection on the standard port? Is it possible to set up slapd so that TLS be
> optional (for testing/transition purposes).

To setup slapd with SSL (ldaps) , add ldaps:/// argument to it.
> I would greatly appreciate references to the relevant docs on these.
Answers for your questions are in man ldap.conf, and man slapd manual 

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