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dynamic groups


I have built my ldap groups with dynlist overlay.

_If i search for a group i can see the members:
ldapsearch -Y EXTERNAL -b 'ou=Groups,dc=abc,dc=net' 'cn=ou-is'
dn: cn=ou-is,ou=Groups,dc=abc,dc=net
objectClass: groupOfURLs
objectClass: fhvGroup
cn: ou-is
member: uid=cb,ou=fhv,ou=People,dc=abc,dc=net

_But if i search for members i only get empty results:
ldapsearch -Y EXTERNAL -b 'ou=Groups,dc=abc,dc=net' '(member=uid=cb,ou=fhv,ou=People,dc=abc,dc=net)' cn member

Is this not working with dynamic groups?

And does it make sense to build indexes for dynamic member attributes?


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