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I'm completely confused by ACLs ... @-)


it should be so simple ... I thought.

At first some things worked, but than I messed something up and now I'm
completely confused.

What I want (sooner or later):

- users should authenticate using posix and samba accounts.
- they may change there password.
- they may look up other mail, phone, ... addresses in the ldap using
Thunderbird or apple Addressbook
- they may change there phone number and (may be) there postal address
- admin users should be able to write and read everything.

- anonymous users may later read the mail and cn/sn attribute.

May be someone has such ACLs already set up and like to share them or
can help me?

Would be great, cause reading the docs and experiment is helpful, but I
did not ended in a working secure, flexible, understandable setup.

Thanks a lot and best regards.

Götz Reinicke

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