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Re: No object has been found error message

On 15/11/10 13:22 -0500, Darouichi, Aziz wrote:
Friday last week before I left for the week end LDAP was working fine with
no problems. This morning When I tried to do an ldapsearch, I get error
no such object (32) error.

I checked ldap services and they are running fine. Plus I have  a script
that sends emails and restarts ldap services if there is a problem on the
week end or a night. No emails were generated and no changes have been

FY this is openldap-2.3.43-12.el5_5.2

Do you see any output from slapcat?

What command line options are you passing to ldapsearch, and what
configuration do you have in your ldap.conf file? Can you provide a
sanitized copy of your slapd.conf?

Dan White