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Re: Syncrepl from OSX slapd to Centos5 slapd

On 11/11/2010 10:33 AM, Markku Tavasti wrote:

We have OSX as primary ldap server (slapd 2.3.27). Schema is OSX tuned
schema, with Apple provided extensions.

I'm trying to set up backup-ldap to Centos5 server (slapd 2.3.43).
I have copied schemas from OSX /etc/openldap/schema, and edited &
commented out attributetype 'authAuthority' definition from
apple.schema. OSX is running with configuration from cn=config, so how I
can check if schema it uses is 100% same as in schema files?

Ok, this seems to be not so trivial to others also.

Any suggestions how I compare if schema in cn=config directories and schema/*.schema files are identical?

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