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Re: AIX as openldap client


I add the user with ldapscripts on my ubuntu server.

First line is from AIX (command "lsldap -a passwd <user>").  Second line is 
from ldap server (command "ldapmodifyuser <user>")

paswoord entry with ldapadduser:
   userPassword: {SSHA}n9+bpMYtHKOdKislrMXJQsI58JD/Dla3
   userPassword:: e1NTSEF9bjkrYnBNWXRIS09kS2lzbHJNWEpRc0k1OEpEL0RsYTM=
    -> works not for linux and aix client

password changed on AIX:
    userPassword: {crypt}9/Sm0z8ESZNY.
    userPassword:: e2NyeXB0fTkvU20wejhFU1pOWS4=
   -> works for AIX and linux client

password changed on ubuntu client:
   userPassword: {crypt}$1$orSXgBl0$6QDpVJNmJbTQy9KaM0LhT0
   userPassword:: e2NyeXB0fSQxJG9yU1hnQmwwJDZRRHBWSk5tSmJUUXk5S2FNMExoVDA=
   -> works for linux, not for aix

So, for AIX, only the 'short' crypt works.  For linux, any crypt password 

For now, I only need authentication on AIX.


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