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Re: reordering email aliases ?

On 08/11/10 09:26 +0100, Frank Bonnet wrote:

I'm facing a cosmetic problem with email aliases.

Some users has aliases for their email adresses some has not.

For example a professor named Jean Dupont has two valid email adresses :

dupontj@domain.tld         ( which is  unixlogin@domain.tld )
j.dupont@domain.tld ( which is the alias that point to duponj@domain.tld )

Students have only one email adress of the form : unixlogin@domain.tld

In many applications we use LDAP to fetch the user's email address and other data.

The problem is sometime we get unixlogin@domain.tld and sometime we get emailalias@domain.tld

Are you having a problem with your SMTP server not delivering to the
correct mailbox? Or are you retrieving the attribute to display is some

I would like to do the following :

if a user has an alias of the form emailalias@domain.tld then display it first

Is it possible to reorder my LDAP database to do so ?

I am not aware of a way to order attributes or values.

An alternative approach that I've used, where I may have multiple mailDrop
attributes for an alias (or may not have any aliases at all for a given
mailbox) but want to return one consistent primary entry to our spam
filtering device, is to populate another, unique, attribute solely for the
purpose of returning a consistent value to that particular application, and
is unused by our SMTP server.

Dan White