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Re: unable to perform authenticated binds

Howard Chu wrote:
Chris Jacobs wrote:
Ya know, that leading space thing confused the heck out of me when I started writing a slapf.conf from scratch.  I'm guessing were ya'll to know at that start of spec'ing slapd.conf the methods that are now common to multi-line or 'containerize' options, something different, more readable, and less error (yes, user error) prone would have been selected.

Really, white space shouldn't kill a config.

Hindsight, eh?

Indeed, thanks so much for the exceedingly useful insight.

The practice was established long before I joined the Project.

Since long before the Project existed, actually.

Enough people
whine about all the other insignificant, backward-compatible changes we make
that changing this is obviously a non-starter.

The use of whitespace is clearly described in the manpage and the Admin Guide.
People who don't read the manpage deserve no sympathy.

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