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OpenLDAP works slower on a server with LDAP-based authentication


I have two servers used in Samba domain setup.
Both computers are running CentOS 5.5 x86_64, all updates installed,
both are using the
openldap-servers-2.3.43-12 and other requried packaged of the same
version (2.3.43-12). All the required ports are open.

Master OpenLDAP server uses LDAP authentication, slave doesn't (Un*x
Slave syncs with the master (syncrepl) every several minutes. All the
config files of both are the same, including DB_CONFIG. All
recommended records are indexed. The only difference is the
replciation section in /etc/opeldap/slapd.conf on slave.

When I run ldapsearch against slave (Un*x authentication), it responds
almost immediately.
When I run ldapsearch against master (LDAP authentication), it takes 2
to 10 seconds to receive data.

I would appreciate any hint on where to look for the reason of slow
response on master server.

Thank you!