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Re: How to configure overlay unique in cn=config

On Thursday, 14 October 2010 21:23:05 Benjamin Griese wrote:
> Hey buddy,
> if you use Apache Directory Studio amongst other things for configuring
> overlays, it automatically gets you the right dependencies if you choose
> for example OC "olcUnique", you need also need to have OC "olcOverlay" and
> so on, ADS automatically sets it for you in a wizard like process. Doing
> that without that tool was really a PITA, especially if are not that
> familiar with the whole package of different types of classes and schema
> dependencies.
> Give it a try, ADS made my life as LDAP-Admin a whole lot of easier.

Unfortunately, I don't think there is any way to know (over LDAP) whether the 
unique module is built-in, compiled as a module, or not compiled at all, so I 
don't believe ADS can help in this situation ...


> > After playing a lot, I've found that it works only when both module and
> > overlay is configured in files in /etc/ldap/slap.d/...
> > 
> > (I'm using slapd 2.4.23, from Debian/Sid)
> > 
> > For now it is enough for me, because I don't want to dynamically set
> > uniqueness, but anyway documentation is not clear how it should be.