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Re: How to configure overlay unique in cn=config

Hi Jarek!

> adding new entry "olcOverlay=unique,olcDatabase={1}hdb,cn=config"
> ldap_add: Invalid syntax (21)
>        additional info: objectClass: value #1 invalid per syntax
> What I'm doing wrong ?

I'd guess you haven't loaded the "unique" module before adding the
overlay. Try adding this LDIF:

dn: cn=module,cn=config
cn: module
objectclass: olcModuleList
objectclass: top
olcmoduleload: unique
olcmodulepath: /usr/lib/ldap

dn: olcOverlay=unique,olcDatabase={1}hdb,cn=config
objectClass: olcOverlayConfig
objectClass: olcUniqueConfig
olcOverlay: {0}unique
olcUniqueAttribute: mail

Diego Lima