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Re: (ITS#6666) Feature Request: Triggers implementation

On Thursday, 7 October 2010 08:35:45 nick@eurobjects.com wrote:
>   Sorry, I' m not a developer. I'm trying to find a solution from an
> administrator's point of view.

I think you should have discussed this on a mailing list first, coming to some 
feasible method that would be acceptable, before deciding whether an ITS 
should be filed.

> How about doing something like:
>      on log attr <attrname> notify <[ip]:[port]>
> which would send a "message" with the attr name, the old and the new
> value of the attribute to [ip]:[port].

But, slapd already "publishes" changes via syncrepl.

> Then, someone can set up a net listening process like netcat (nc) to
> read data and do whatever.

But it is possible to provide an example perl script to search for changes in 
the directory, and have it execute actions which are configurable in a 
configuration file.

I have a daemonised perl script using Net::LDAPapi that could potentially be 
modified to read from a configuration file (but, it was written to feed 
commands into a long-running interactive tool, so I would need to re-work it a