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High memory usage in provider server

Hi there !

We are using two LDAP servers providers (openldap 2.4.23) in mirror mode: one just to receive modifies and the other, just to be "consumed" by 11 consumer servers. Both servers have almost 1MM objects with 10kb in size each. Id2entry.bdb has 21Gb and dn2id.bdb has 286Mb in size. When checking the first server we note that slapd is using ~4.0Gb of memory (RES). The problem is the second server, where all 11 consumers points to. Slapd in this server is using ~18.0Gb of memory (RES). We are using syncrepl to synchronize the 11 consumers with the 2nd server (RefreshandPersist). Openldap´s compile options are identical in both servers. Same for OS (Fedora 13 - x86_64 fully updated) and packages.

Any ideas to reduce memory usage in the second server ?


Claudio Cuqui