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Re: Searched Attr=1.1

On 22/09/2010 09:10, Marco Pizzoli wrote:
Hi Jonathan,

no, all my 4 systems are configured equally, same configuration file
(except for little specifications of every single instance) on all of
them. The only difference is OL version which is 2.4.23 on this one, and
2.4.22 on others.

Could it be due to the order of directives in my configuration file?
This is the order of inclusion of my overlay directives:

- overlay_password_policy
- overlay_syncprov
- overlay_auditlog
- overlay_accesslog
- overlay_sssvlv
- overlay_memberof

Could be - I'm not sure at this point. Make sure they're all in the same order on all servers.

I see no changes between 2.4.22 and 2.4.23 that could lead to this specific error occuring, but of course it may be more complicated than it looks.


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