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Re: problem with replication

--On Wednesday, September 15, 2010 11:06 AM -0700 Craig White <cwhite@ayr1.com> wrote:

  never did replication and certain to be something that I did but this
is the type of error I am getting...

Sep 15 10:58:44 srv1 slapd[2766]: slap_client_connect:
URI=ldap://srv2.ayr1.local DN="cn=admin,cn=config" ldap_sasl_bind_s
failed (-1)
Sep 15 10:58:44 srv1 slapd[2766]: do_syncrepl: rid=002 rc -1 retrying (4
retries left)

Obviously because I didn't tell it NOT to use SASL bind for replication.

That's the name of the function used to bind, it does not mean it's using SASL. -1 usually means it is unable to even open a port to the server you specified. Since you've failed to submit the related sycnrepl configuration, it's hard to say what's at issue.



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