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Re: objectClass index from slapd.conf is not working

>> Hello Howard,
>> but why is the index filled with a lot of false matches?
>> In one of my DN (Container) are 88000 entires. I placed my search
>> there (searchBase). Only the Container itself has the searched
>> objectClass, but all entires in this container will be examined too,
>> because the index returned this all.
>> Should the index for objectClass not  only give back this _one_ (and
>> not 355545) Candidate, because I placed my search there? Do I
>> misunderstood this?
> An index is only a hint, it is not definitive. It is generated from a short
> hash of the relevant attribute values. It's always possible to have hash
> collisions, where multiple values hash to the same index.

Can I check/recover this, that this problem with the index is a result
of hash collisions?

Thank in advance,  Tim