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Re: cn=config and ACL formatting

On Sep 01, 2010, at 10.14, Marc Patermann wrote:

> -b,
> btb@bitrate.net schrieb am 31.08.2010 16:47 Uhr:
>> some ldap clients/browsers support different editors for different types of data.  for example, in my case, i use apache directory studio quite a bit, and was able to configure it so that when editing olcaccess attributes, it uses it's built in multiline text editor rather than the default inline editor.  this allows for some formatting, making things a bit more readable.

> Can you please explain a bit more in detail how you did that?
> Thanks!

specifically, in apache directory studio, you can do the following:

preferences -> apache directory studio -> ldap browser -> value editors.  then, in the "value editors by attribute types", add a new item.  if your dit is set up properly, you should be able to choose olcaccess from the list box for "attribute type or oid:", and then select text editor from the "value editor" list box.

once you've saved those settings, double clicking on an olcaccess entry will open the built in text editor instead of using the in place editor.