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Re: Sunone 5.2 to openldap migration

On 09/ 7/10 10:49 PM, Arya, Manish Kumar wrote:

I have a sunone 5.2 with custom schema and acis. can you please point me to some migration guide for schema,aci, data migration from sunone to openldap ?

I have just been there and done that. It wasn't a simple job; just about every entry in an exported LDIF was rejected by OpenLDAP.

The schema shouldn't be a problem, try importing that first and see if it is accepted. I haven't bothers with acis, we will re do those form scratch.

The biggest problem with the data was OpenLDAP is much stricter in applying schema rules, so I had to write an application to parse, fix and regenerate the LDIF (we also changed to structure and base DN so there was a lot of translation required as well as fixes). You might be lucky and not have many years of accumulated cruft to fix up. Try importing a few different entries and see how you go.