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Re: Including schema in directory based config?

No, you are never supposed to muck with any of the files inside slapd.d. You slapadd the LDIF files, same way you would load any other LDIF file into slapd.

Wow, okay. The online documentation doesn't make that clear at all (especially when it talks about converting your old config).


I'm not about to start picking fights with the Chief Architect though.

Keeping that in mind - are you advocating this from a design point of view (it won't work properly), or a precautionary one (you shouldn't unless you know what you're doing)?

If it's the former (it won't work properly), can you make any recommendations for best-practice in terms of maintaining changes to third-party packaged configurations?

For example, if we roll out updated schmea, would it be best to drop and re-add the schema - or diff the structure and create an update LDIF?

Seems a bit clunky if thats the case, but I have had a few settings not stick already (olcDatabaseDirectory).

Anyway, would love your insight and thanks for your time :)

Will Dowling

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