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Re: cn=config and ACL formatting

On 2010.08.31 10.18, Dieter Kluenter wrote:
Victor Mataré<matare@lih.rwth-aachen.de>  writes:

Hi everyone,

I just switched our servers from slapd.conf to cn=config in slapd.d,
and I'm a bit annoyed with my ACLs now. The problem is that olcAccess
attributes tend to be somewhat lengthy and I'd really appreciate some
newlines in them, but slapd seems to eat those. Is there any way to
tell the server to preserve the newlines in attribute values, or maybe
use some other character that causes a line break?  Of course I might
edit the files in /etc/slapd.d, but then the whole cn=config thingy
becomes pointless, doesn't it?

An access rule is the value of the attribute type olcAccess, thus the
rule has to be treated according to value specifications of LDIF

some ldap clients/browsers support different editors for different types of data. for example, in my case, i use apache directory studio quite a bit, and was able to configure it so that when editing olcaccess attributes, it uses it's built in multiline text editor rather than the default inline editor. this allows for some formatting, making things a bit more readable.

obviously this doesn't address readability outside of the browser, and also adds seemingly odd whitespace to someone who doesn't know why it's there, so there is a bit of a trade off. worth it in my opinion though.