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Re: syncrepl help

Thanks, upgrading resolved my problem.

On 26/08/10 19:21, Jonathan Clarke wrote:
Hi Adam,

On 26/08/2010 06:18, Adam Cassar wrote:
Hi All,

I would appreciate some insight with a syncrepl issue that I have. The
scenario is as follows:

(1) LDAP master running debian slapd v2.3.30

replicating using syncrepl to

(2) LDAP master running debian slapd v2.4.11

The initial data for this node was seeded using slapcat/slapadd due to
the db size.

This is replicating via syncrepl to

(3) LDAP slave running debian slapd v2.4.11

On (3) the slave I am receiving the error:

do_syncrep2: cookie=rid=001,csn=20100825064231Z#000000#00#000000
do_syncrep2: rid=001 CSN too old, ignoring 20100825064231Z#000000#00#000000

for all replication events that are being received.
This kind of error message reminds me of several bugs fixed in more
recent version of OpenLDAP. Unfortunately, the 2.4.11 version included
in Debian is *very* out of date now, and is known to contain a quite
large number of replication-related bugs.

While your setting up your new server, I strongly recommend you use the
latest stable version from openldap.org :

What I am trying to achieve is to deprecate server (1) with as little
downtime as possible, server (2) becomes the new master and (3) the new

Replication between 1&  2 works correctly but not between 2&  3. The
time is correct on the servers. Server (3) database is seeded using
syncrepl. Configurations for 1, 2&  3 are attached.
I only read these configs quickly, but one comment comes to mind: your
setting of attrs="*" in the syncrepl statements is going to prevent
operational attributes not to be replicated. This is most likely not
what you want.