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Re: Problem with persistent search in OpenLDAP 2.4.23

Tom Leach <leach@coas.oregonstate.edu> writes:

> Michael, yes, I read you answer.  I missed the 'latter' and thought
> that you meant the persistentSearch was supplied by syncprov and not
> syncrepl.  I guess I read latter but was thinking former.
> I also read Dieter's answer pointing to SyncRequest but here's my issue.
> He states that the module (according to the author) needs refreshOnly
> and won't connect with refreshAndPersist.  I need refreshAndPersist to
> make sure that my multi-master work correctly and a change on either
> server is quickly replicated to the other.

You may build a little shell script around ldapsearch:

- get the actual contextCSN from provider
- construct a cookie of rid, contextCSN and searchlimits
- run ldapsearch with extended operation sync in persistant mode.
something like this function snipped:

CSN="$(awk -F': ' '/contextCSN/{print $2}' "$FILE")"

 -b $BASE -s sub -E!sync=rp/$COOKIE/0 "*" +   


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