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overlay: How to not apply attribute modification to background ?


I'm writing an overlay which it's principal function is being called
on 'modify' operation. This
function basically see if a given attribute is being modified. If so,
it pass it's value to an external
daemon through an unix domain socket to store this value in an
external database.

Of course, when the 'modify' callback ends with SLAP_CB_CONTINUE, the operation
continues and the new value is committed to background. This is my
problem, I don't want
to really modify the attribute value at background....

So, Is there a way to 'abort' modify operation in my overlay without
stopping to pass control
to other overlays?
I saw there's others return values from callbacks, as SLAP_CB_BYPASS
but I'm not sure about it... I guess SLAP_CB_BYPASS do the trick, but
I'm not sure.

Thanks a lot in advance
Lucas Brasilino