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Syncrepl REFRESH_PRESENT leads to glue nodes on branch nodes in the tree on the consumer

Hi.  Using 2.4.23, and bdb 4.2.52.


I have two nodes, A and B.  When I start up the nodes (in either order), B performs a REFRESH_PRESENT phase.  In this phase, it executes syncrepl_del_nonpresent().  This identifies a number of nodes that it thinks need to be deleted, and deletes them.  Since many of the nodes are non-leaf nodes, instead of deleting them it replaces them with glue nodes.


My question is: should I post this as a bug for tracking purposes?  What information exactly should I post as a followup to this email so that someone can help me with this issue?  I can provide slapcat output for both nodes, and slapd.conf files for both nodes.  Where should I post these?