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Re: multi / standby master: incomplete replication after downtime (?)


On 18/08/2010 11:01, Elmar Marschke wrote:
Hi all,

i set up a multi master scenario using 2.4.21 on two servers. Online
config (slapd.d) and ldap content is replicated fine, as long as both
servers are up (means: i can change objects using ANY of the servers;
and changes are transferred immediately to the other one. (Later in
production, there will just one server be used actively, the other one
shall be used by the clients just in case of failure)).

Then i shut down one of the servers, and do changes on the remaining
one. I expect the switched-off server to get ALL the latest changes from
the online-server as soon as it's up again. But this seems to happen
only partially; for example:
- deletion of a user object works ( = shows up on the former
switched-off server immediately after coming up again)
- adding of a user does not
- changing just subordinate attributes of user objects, like telephone
number, does not show up. It just gets replicated to the former
switched-off machine, when something else of that object is changed
while both servers are alive.

So finally i end up with different content on every machine...
Did i miss something about how that works ??

No, this should work as you expect. I have several similar setups running that do.

Does your config also contain appropriate SID definitions and a syncrepl consumer for each master? With mirrormode set to TRUE?
Are the servers tightly time synchronized, via NTP or equivalent?
What error messages (if any) are given when running with "olcLogLevel: sync", on either nodes?

At least one bug related to replication was corrected in the latest version, 2.4.23. I suggest you try this version. If you still encounter problems, and your configuration is correct, it may be appropriate to file a bug.


Or is my config wrong for that; example:

syncrepl rid=001
retry="5 +"

Thanks for help...

PS: my setup / slapd.conf is according to the book "openLDAP 2.4" by
Oliver Liebel & John Martin Ungar.


Jonathan Clarke - jonathan@phillipoux.net
Ldap Synchronization Connector (LSC) - http://lsc-project.org