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Re: syncrepl slaves all quit after master restart - not a single retry

Dear Masarati,

On 13/08/10 02:44 +0200, masarati@aero.polimi.it wrote:

You have no "retry" parameter in your syncrepl config, so naturally
it does not retry. It always helps to actually Read The correct FM,
slapd.conf(5) in your case.

Bless you, thank you very much for that help.

I'd also note that slapd will issue

syncrepl rid=003 searchbase="ou=tree,ou=name": no retry defined, using

if no retry is configured; one should at least wonder what that
message means.  I'd favor refusing to start if no retry is
configured, since replication is not reliable without.

Yes, that makes sense.

[root@ldapro04.syd ~]# grep -P '\bretry' /var/log/ldap*
[root@ldapro04.syd ~]#
No such error message seems to be present.
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