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Re: PROBLEM: can't use SASL to authentication openldap client

Dan White wrote:
On 09/08/10 16:56 +0800, LI Ji D wrote:
	My problem is that I expect slapd to authenticate with the password stored in sasldb. But it's not, it uses  the password stored in userpassword attribute of this user which is a item of openldap.
	So I want to know, how can slapd use password stored in sasldb to do the sasl authentication.

I attempted to do this as well and failed. Setting auxprop_plugin to sasldb
did not provide the expected response. Regardless of whether I set it to
slapd or sasldb, the server authenticates my digest-md5 sasl bind using the
internal slapd plugin.

I recommend you file a bug report.

File the bug with the correct people. OpenLDAP doesn't do anything in particular with SASL configuration. If you can't get the desired behavior by setting the SASL config file, then file a bug against Cyrus SASL.

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