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Re: ldapadd Naming Violation error 64

> In researching this error, the general consensus was that it occurs when
> using a poorly written client that did not terminate correctly, but was
> nothing to worry about.
> However, I am unable to import the ldif file that I included in my first
> post.
> Any ideas what I should be looking for?
> In response to one reply, yes  /usr/lib/ldap/back_hdb.la does exist.

I haven't a build with backends built as modules handy; I have tried a
modification like yours that loads another module and it works as
intended, so I have no clue.

If you could successfully run any of the tests that actually load modules
and use them (e.g. test022, test049, test050, test052, test053, test05-9
then you should check how they loaded the modules and find out yourself
what the error is.