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Question about openldap and RFC documents

Hi everyone, I have a question about openldap and RFC documents.
I see online the list of RFC documents that openldap conforms too.  RFC documents are difficult to read and follow.
I am working on a project that requires me to use.
Also I need to use the attributes.
I need to document my work so that someone can setup their own LDAP server (maybe non-OpenLDAP) if they wish.  I see that RFC2307 referes to the hashing of userpassword.
Can anyone list to me the RFC documents that encompass the 3 object classes and the 2 attributes so that I can put that in my documentation?  I know I just just list all of the RFC documents on the website for openldap, but I think that is a little redundant.  Plus I would like to know exactly which RFC's I am using.