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Re: Configuring slapd.conf-less OpenLDAP

Hi Braden,

On Tue, Jun 29, 2010 at 08:50, Braden McDaniel <braden@endoframe.com> wrote:
On Tue, 2010-06-29 at 08:24 +0200, Benjamin Griese wrote:
> Good morning.
> Please set logging in your  hdb/bdb  config ldif.
> This logfile should be the default.
I'm wrong, you were right:

It's some time ago I visited my ldap config files :)

./cn=config.ldif:olcLogLevel: none
./cn=config.ldif:olcLogLevel: trace
./cn=config.ldif:olcLogLevel: packets
./cn=config.ldif:olcLogLevel: args
./cn=config.ldif:olcLogLevel: conns
./cn=config.ldif:olcLogLevel: BER
./cn=config.ldif:olcLogLevel: filter
./cn=config.ldif:olcLogLevel: config
./cn=config.ldif:olcLogLevel: ACL
./cn=config.ldif:olcLogLevel: stats
./cn=config.ldif:olcLogLevel: stats2
./cn=config.ldif:olcLogLevel: shell
./cn=config.ldif:olcLogLevel: parse
./cn=config.ldif:olcLogLevel: sync

I grep'ed the above log types which you can define (at least the few I know).

Okay... I don't understand exactly what the log file is.  My database
lives in /var/lib/ldap.  There is a file in this directory named
"log.0000000001"; however, it does not appear to be a text file.

The file /var/log/messages is correct, seems like a little misunderstanding.

Your mentioned file is the internal logging of the backend database itself. 
You don't have to care about that file/these files in most cases. 
I think its main purpose is to correct corrupted DBs when your ldap-server crashed.

> Please be sure to always reply to  the mailinglist.

I would have, but your last response to me did not go to the mailing
list. ;-)

Sorry for my fault, I havn't recognized that either. :) 
Braden McDaniel <braden@endoframe.com>

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