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Re: PROBLEM: can't use SASL to authentication openldap client

"LI Ji D" <Ji.d.Li@alcatel-lucent.com> writes:

> Hi,
> 	This is my comprehension:
> 1. The client is connecting to SLAPD requesting an SASL bind.
> 2. SLAPD uses the SASL subsystem (which checks the /usr/lib/sasl/slapd.conf file for settings) to tell the client how to authenticate. In this case, it tells the client to use DIGEST-MD5.
> 3. The client sends the authentication information to SLAPD.
> 4. SLAPD performs the translation specified in authz-regexp.
> 5. SLAPD then checks the client's response (using the SASL subsystem) against the information in /etc/sasldb2.
> 6. When the client authentication succeeds, OpenLDAP runs the search and returns the results to the client. 
> So SLAPD just compares the password received form client and the one stored in sasldb2, how could it relate to the one stored in ldap like "userPassword: {SHA}5en6G6MezRroT3XKqkdPOmY/BfQ= " ?

Sorry, my bad. I forgot that you use sasldb as an external
authentication source. My remarks where based on an internal sasl
authentication. Try to raise the debug level in sasl/slapd.conf,
something like 'loglevel: 7'. If you use syslog, allow sasl to log to


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