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Re: smbk5pwd: ldappassword hangs

Op 16-06-10 21:40, Frank Van Damme schreef:

> I did so.
> I had some rough times trying to get through the compilation process (of
> version 2.4.21), because test 44 kept failing - then I disabled the
> dynlist overlay which tests the dynlist and compilation succeeded fine.
> The server works, too.
> But the original problem has not gone away. As soon as I try
> ldappasswd-ing with the smb5kpwd overlay enabled, the process hangs (at
> least, if authentication of the user I test this with, succeeds). The
> module is off course compiled from the contrib tree of 2.4.21.

OK, I finally figured it out. It was a configuration issue after all -
you need to put the "overlay" directive behind the "database" directive.
Otherwise the server wil start fine (without crash, errors or complaint
about syntax), but refuse to actually execute the password change