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Re: Copying trees from one consumer to another

Dear Chris,

Thank you for taking the time to offer your experience.

On 22/06/10 08:05 -0700, Chris Jacobs wrote:

I've done this a number of times - Dev on an 'in production' ldap infrastructure.  I've managed to get the boxes out of sync a number of times.

1. Stop slapd.
2. Delete the contents of the db dir
3. Copy a db-config into it.
4. Startup slapd.

The full tree is replicated pretty quickly.  Try it out, you'll see.
It take less then half a minute to replicate a tree with approx 800
entries (very rough estimate) even on slaves in AZ and masters in WA.

Yes, I tried this out in our dev environment; took a couple of hours.

Most of our directories have in the order of a million entries,
some many more:
# zgrep '^dn:' 201006230300.gz | wc -l
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