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Re: Copying trees from one consumer to another


On 22/06/2010 04:24, Nick Urbanik wrote:
Dear Folks,

With slurpd, copying a tree from one slave to another was like this:
1. stop slapd on both slaves.
2. netcat the directory across from one slave to the other.
3. stop slurpd on master
4. edit slurpd.status to make the time and replication number match
by copying that for the source to that for the destination slave.
5. start everything back up.

My question with syncrepl is:

How do I copy the database for a tree from one consumer to another
consumer (of the same producer) so that the newly copied replica knows
where its replication should continue from?

In general, I avoid copying database files directly (I assume you're talking about the BDB files from a bdb/hdb backend).

However, it can be useful to copy over a LDIF file output by slapcat to speed up a consumer's initial synchronization with it's provider.

Is the state for replication of the database stored in the contextCSN
of the suffix entry?


If so, does that mean that with syncrepl, the above operation is
reduced to the following three steps?

1. Stop slapd on both consumers.
2. Netcat the database from one to the other.
3. start both consumers.

That would probably work, yes.

I would instead recommend doing a slapcat on one consumer, copying over the file to second consumer, slapadd, then starting that consumer.

Jonathan Clarke - jonathan@phillipoux.net
Ldap Synchronization Connector (LSC) - http://lsc-project.org