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Re: Simple question about LDAP and web authentication.

On 22/06/2010 01:37, Bryan Boone wrote:
Hi everyone.  I am a noob to LDAP and I have a question.
I am on a team that is building a special server. This server will be
running linux with an apache web server with PHP and apache is running a
special website that we designed.
I need to have the website be able to query LDAP servers for web
authentication. So when a user connects to this special web server, they
are prompted for a user name and password. Then I want to have the
website check the LDAP server to make sure that the user is indeed a
user of the website on our special server. So in a sense our special
server will be an LDAP client.
So my question is??? Is an LDAP client to be run as a Daemon or service?
Is this what OpenLDAP provides? Or can I simply use function calls (from
PHP or C) from the OpenLDAP library for the authentication?
Basically all I need is...
The user brings up the web page.
The user enters in the user name and password.
The server uses PHP or C to check to see if the entered information
matches an LDAP server.
The web grants or denies access.
The LDAP server connection is closed.
No other actions or information from the LDAP server is needed.
Do I have the right idea?

Apache does all this for you. See:

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