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Interdomain authentication

Hello everyone,
good, someone could tell me if there is a way to configure a client to openLDAP see an entry in the local database and if this entry does not exist, the server performs the query on another remote server?

I used the chain module for this purpose, but even if the entry exists in the local base, the query is fired to the remote server. I need the server only see the external base case the entry does not exist in the local base.

The goal is to build a scenario for user authentication inter-domains. a user subdomain: "dc=subdomain-A,dc=domain" can authenticate through " dc=subdomain-B,dc=domain"

I thought at first replicate data subdomain A for the subdomain B and vice versa, but I believe it would be more interesting the server be able to perform the query directly in the external server.

Does anyone have an idea?

Thank you.