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Re: What DN (user name) I should use for connecting to ldap server?

--On Monday, June 21, 2010 11:42 PM +1000 sam <sam@ip6.com.au> wrote:


I have ldap server started up in freebsd.
I tried to test it with Apache Directory Studio.
When I open a New Connection in the Studio, it asks for User name.
I entered "root" as user name, then go for the connection...

However I got following error message in ldap log file:

Jun 21 23:14:51 hometest slapd[2417]: conn=1005 fd=11 ACCEPT from
IP= (IP=
Jun 21 23:14:51 hometest slapd[2417]: conn=1005 op=0 do_bind: invalid dn

"root" is not a valid dn. You should use a dn as you have configured in your configuration file/db, or as you have created in your database. Such as:





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