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Re: Multi master replication


Now the problem is resolved. While i was trying to debug i have noticed
that when changing the password using ldappasswd command i was able to
login. But when i am changing the password using a php frontend it is not
allowing me to login again with the new password. Problem will happen only
when i am using any special characters in the new password. So i created a
new interface in python for changing the ldap password. Now everything is
working fine.

I am very much thankful for all the people in the mailing list who helped
me to debug and solve my issue.

> On 10/06/2010 14:58, Aravind Divakaran wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Now i have changed the rid of one of my server, now both servers have
>> unique rid and sid. After changing the rid i have deleted and db and
>> replicated from the other. Now when i change the password of the user it
>> says successfully changed. But when i try to login with that password i
>> was not able to login. Below is my log files
> Are you sure that the ACLs allow the replication user to read the
> userPassword attribute? And, of course, bind using it?
> Jonathan
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Aravind M D