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Re: smbk5pwd: ldappassword hangs

Op 31-05-10 13:40, Frank Van Damme schreef:
> Hi list,
> I installed and configured the smbk5pwd overlay as described on
> http://student.physik.uni-mainz.de/~reiffert/smbk5pwd.html#smbk5pwd.
> This succeeded, the module is loaded etc. But an unwelcome side effect
> is that password changes don't function anymore. With the
> overlay/module disabled, there is no problem; if I enable it, the
> "ldappasswd" command hangs. I marked where I hit Ctrl-C on the hanging
> ldappasswd command.

Replying to myself.

Up to now, really *nothing* helped to get it working. Debian has the
smbk5pwd module compiled in a separate package in their "unstable" tree,
so I installed Debian Unstable in a virtual machine and tried the
module, only to see it fail in exactly the same way.

So, I'm about to file a bug report to Debian. It must be something in
their distribution that is wrong, a library with a bug, a configuration
setting, who knows. To be continued.