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I can't login linux (console) using after configurate openldap


I have started  openldap more Samba but I can't do logon via console on my linux, only access my system using ssh or telnet . When I am on console I put login and password and press "enter" , again show me screen login linux . If change /etc/nsswitch.conf fields passwd , shadow , group for files only,  the login work normally , Thre is problem between  openldap  and pam ?

I paste my /etc/nsswitch.conf

passwd:     files  ldap
shadow:     files  ldap
group:      files  ldap

#hosts:     db files nisplus nis dns
hosts:      files dns wins

and /etc/pam.d/login

auth     required    pam_securetty.so
auth     required    pam_nologin.so
auth     sufficient  pam_ldap.so
auth     required    pam_unix2.so   nullok try_first_pass #set_secrpc
account  sufficient  pam_ldap.so
account  required    pam_unix2.so
password required    pam_pwcheck.so nullok
password required    pam_ldap.so    use_first_pass use_authtok
password required    pam_unix2.so   nullok use_first_pass use_authtok
session  required    pam_unix2.so   none # debug or trace
session  required    pam_limits.so
session  required    pam_env.so
session  optional    pam_mail.so

#auth [user_unknown=ignore success=ok ignore=ignore default=bad] pam_securetty.so
#auth       include      system-auth
#account    required     pam_nologin.so
#account    include      system-auth
#password   include      system-auth
# pam_selinux.so close should be the first session rule
#session    required     pam_selinux.so close
#session    include      system-auth
#session    required     pam_loginuid.so
#session    optional     pam_console.so
# pam_selinux.so open should only be followed by sessions to be executed in the user context
#session    required     pam_selinux.so open
#session    optional     pam_keyinit.so force revoke


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