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Re: Tool to covert from LDIF cn=config to slapd.conf?

On 6/9/10 3:32 PM, Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
> slapd.conf is deprecated and will likely be removed in OpenLDAP 2.5. 

Do all of the overlays support cn=config yet?  Last I remember, there
were still overlays that didn't work with cn=config. 

I would rather that cn=config was working with everything for one entire
release before slapd.conf is removed to give those of us that depend on
those overlays a chance to migrate -- rather than a repeat of the forced
conversion to syncrepl before it was completely baked (which I for one
do not think has completely happened even now in 2.4.22).

The previous paragraph is MY OPINION.  That and about $5.00 (american)
will buy you a good cup of coffee -- or you can get a bad cup of coffee
from any McDonald's for price of my opinion plus a buck.

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