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Re: OpenLDAP configuration for ldap-group authentication on Apache2.x


Loren Cahlander schrieb am 04.06.2010 13:51 Uhr:

That worked for me.  Thanks.  I have another question for the mailing

Can I place the AuthLDAPURL, AuthzLDAPAuthoritative,
AuthLDAPGroupAttributeIsDN and AuthLDAPGroupAttribute outside of
<Location> and <Directory> and inside of <VirtualHost> and place just
Require and Satisfy within the <Location> and <Directory> tags?  I am
asking, because all of the <Location> an <Directory> entries are
going to be using the same LDAP server and will be accessed through
membership in LDAP groups.
It may be better to ask at a httpd mailing list.

"AuthLDAPUrl Directive
Description:	URL specifying the LDAP search parameters
Syntax:	AuthLDAPUrl url
Context:	directory, .htaccess"
So, I think not outside of the directory context.