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Re: Scaling bottom-up - best practices?

Jan Lühr <openldap-list@stephan.homeunix.net> writes:

> Hello,
> for some time now, we're using openldap 2.4.11 on debian lenny and everything 
> is fine - but: We've to scale.
> Up to now our root-dn is dc=abc - our new root-dn ought to be: dc=xyz, having 
> a subtree dc=abc,dc=xyz
> The root-dn is set in some application's configs as base dn, furthermore, it's 
> referenced in ldap-entries (dynamic overlay-groups).
> Basically I can think of two strategies.
> a) Change the root-dn within the directory and in all applications depending 
> on it (con: error prone - pro: clean result)
> b) Install a new server, proxy all requests to the old instance, removing 
> dc=xyz on queries, add dc=xyz on responses. (con: complexity, pro: no changes 
> in apps / Information depending on dc=abc)
> Have you had similar problems? What did you do to solve 'em? What strategy do 
> you recommend?

Have you consired an empty namingContext? Something like
database "" in slapd.conf


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