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Re: ldap_sync* how to

--On Friday, June 04, 2010 11:36 AM +0000 egemenozden@gmail.com wrote:


I needed to write a daemon which can react to changes on openldap server.
It has to be
an event driven application hence polling is ruled out.
After some research, the most proper way seems to be through ldap sync
I could not find any documentation other than the man page of ldap_sync*
which does
not provide any example.

Does any body know of an introductory document or another way to achieve
my purpose?
In the worst case I will dive into slapd's implementation to have a
feeling or simply use the logs
as an event channel.

You can use the Net::LDAPapi perl module to write a syncrepl listener that reacts to changes as they occur on the master.



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