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ldap with squid auth helper

Hi all. Im triyng to use squid with the squid_ldap_group auth helper.

The schema looks like

Managers and Sales are OrganizationalUnit, ProxyUsers is GroupofUniqueNames

Each entry of Managers and Sales inherits from PosixAccount and

ProxyUsers entry for the user foo is:
UniqueMember: uid=foo,ou=Managers,o=Company
UniqueMember: uid=anotherfoo,ou=Sales,o=Company

Inside the ProxyUsers can be people from Managers, Sales, and so.
Im faliling to test squid_ldap_group from command line (i think the
filters part)

1) Is there a way to test if the user foo is part of the ProxyUsers group?

2) It is possible to tell squid_ldap_group to look for uid=foo in
Manager AND Sales, and if there is one try to use it?
Like if the filter could be "(uid=foo) _AND_ (ou=Managers _OR_ ou=Sales)"?

I hope to be clear with the question.